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This is the top-level entry point of the user guide for APL Navigator SOAP. APL Navigator SOAP provides a simple, but powerful API for retrieving your company's portfolio accounting data as XML documents using the APL Navigator engine and the SOAP standard. Using SOAP calls you can access portfolio holdings (position and tax lots), transactions, gain-loss, and performance data sets. You can even access your firm's PDF reports. Additionally you can allow APL SOAP to manage user access via database level services from APL Navigator for requests such as authenticating users, or finding out what accounts a user has access to.

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Location of Services

APL SOAP is currently composed of three services: an APL Report Service, an APL Message Service, and an APL Navigator Database Service.

Those choosing to build their client from a .wsdl file can find them here:

These files contain the location information embedded in them.

Alternatively, if you are using the API documentation and examples found later on this page to create your own SOAP client, the URL for accessing APL Navigator SOAP is: https://xmlproxy1.aplnavigator.com:8443/soap/servlet/rpcrouter (note that you will need the authentication information found under the security section to access this URL).

The target object URI's for the available services are:

More detailed information is available in the SOAP Service Call (API) Documentation.


APL SOAP operates using standard SSL over HTTP (HTTPS) to protect data in transmission.
BASIC-AUTH protects access to the APL SOAP service. Access may be obtained with the BASIC-AUTH configuration found here.
Note: To access data for demonstration purposes, you will need to contact support at APL Navigator for a demo customer code and user id to get started with.

SOAP Service Call (API) Documentation

This documentation outlines the details on what services and methods are available, and how to call on them. If you are a developer responsible for writing code that will make calls on APL Navigator SOAP, this documentation should provide all the information you will need.

Available Reports and XML Schemas

A list of available reports along with their associated parameters and schemas
An index of XML Schemas for report data


A list of changes for release 1.2
A list of changes for release 1.1
A list of changes for release 1.0


An index of sample SOAP messages.
An example of a Java-based APL Navigator SOAP client.